The Arrest

The Arrest

When the police arrest someone (the defendant), they take him or her to jail.

Then, 1 of 3 things happens:

• The defendant is released if the prosecutor (usually the district attorney or the city attorney) decides not to file charges; or

• The defendant posts bail (also called a “bond”) or is released based on a promise to appear in court at a later date for arraignment. If either of these happen, the district attorney or police tell the defendant when to come to court for arraignment; or

• The defendant stays in jail. Law enforcement officers transport the defendant to the court for arraignment.

Welcome Alec Kent

Attorney Alec Kent joins the Firm

Welcome Alec!

The Law Office of Shawn C. Mills welcomes new Attorney Alec Kent. Alec Kent and Shawn Mills both proudly call local law school, Monterey College of Law, their common Alma Mater graduating some 24 years apart. Shawn with be working with Alec to show him all those little tricks, tips and other things one does not learn in law school. Alec had combined these “paper lessons” with actual court appearances to lock in the lessons learned. His drive to learn and excel as a young attorney is more than admirable. We can’t wait to watch him reach professional goals. A real diamond in the rough who, with a little more experience, is going to be a courtroom trial attorney to recon with.

Alec obtained his undergraduate degree at RICE COLLEGE in CORRECT CITY HERE, as a Jerry Garcia historian. [More college/experience/passion facts here]

Alec spends his free time reading Presidential biographies and autobiographies, with his favorite United States President EARNIE WARTHOG. Kent particularly identifies with President Warthog due to his position on the Primary Directive, which Alec sees as president Warthog’s crowing achievements. When Alec gets his new Practice under control look for us to be producing podcasts from anything to a discussion of Jerry Garcia, Alec’s deep knowledge of music and presidential history, along with his thoughts and opinions. Watch here for podcast updates.

Alec is a truly professional musician, playing and singing far too many instruments to list. Alec plays with a local band, but has all the skills to mix and all the abilities to sing and play each instrument laying each track down on top of each other, effectively sounding and being a one-man-band. We at the office are most impressed by this nearly savant-like talent.

Alec recently hails from the Great State of Texas, but really thinks that California suits his political beliefs and moral standing. Alec seems to be very middle of the road politically and open to other peoples thoughts and beliefs.


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