JURY TRIAL: During the jury trial you are entitled to have a jury of twelve impartial jurors. Both the defense attorney and the prosecuting attorney have an opportunity to make opening statements, introduce witnesses and evidence in favor of their case, cross-examine witnesses and offer closing arguments. During the deliberation phase of the case, the jury decides whether the prosecution has met the burden of proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. If the jury finds you not guilty, you are free to go and not subject to further prosecution based on the same offenses

I strongly advise that you go to the court and actually sit and watch a trial. If you have never experienced the courtroom and the associated pressure, you do not want your first experience to be the day of your trial. Most people do not know what a trial entails. Depending on the complexity of your legal matter, your lawyer can take days to prepare you case for trial. I believe that my clients need to be part of this process and fully under the legal aspects of the case, defenses and possible out-comes. My clients are members of my team and the most important in fact.

We spend a lot of time educating you about the facts of your case, the witnesses both for and against you. You will learn the facts and how they interact with the law. You will become an expert in your own case. IF you lawyer does not sit you in his or her office and “woodshed” you about the case, I am afraid that you choose the wrong lawyer.

Make sure that you get a good feeling about your lawyer. If you do not connect with him or her then how will they ever be able to connect with your jury and argue your case. Remember, your lawyer works for you!