What is with Shawn Mills on AVVO.com? The Highest 5-star rating of any attorney in Monterey County.

Shawn Mills has more 5-Star Reviews on AVVO.com that any other attorney in the Monterey Bay Area. Once you meet him and hear what he has to say you will understand why. NO LIES. NO BULLSHIT. BEST PRICES. Since Shawn is always 100% up-front with his clients, they know exactly what to expect, so they may make informed decisions about their case and life after the case resolves, one way or the other. The way your case is resolved can change the course of your life for many years. Shawn has been practicing law for over 24 years and he brings a perspective to your case that you will feel and appreciate during just your first phone call. Shawn’s client’s experience will be greatly enhanced by Shawn degrees in psychology and counseling. Shawn worked in federal law enforcement for 13 years before being retired for a service connected disability. All of these skills give Shawn and his clients the upper hand when dealing the adversarial court system. Our Clients: Our clients want to be actively involved in their criminal case. Our clients spend a considerable amount of time educating their attorney about who they are and what they know about the case. Our clients realize that their input is the most valuable asset we have that the District Attorney does not. They expect to be informed about the strengths and weaknesses of their case and they participate in all decisions in the case. Our clients understand that the first goal in their defense is to obtain a dismissal of the criminal charges.

Because our clients are informed about their case and participate in all important decisions regarding how the criminal matter is handled, they realize that all cases will not be dismissed. Our clients are realistically informed of all potential outcomes in their case and understand that if the District Attorney does not dismiss the matter outright that we will be prepared to enter damage mitigation mode. Damage mitigation mode can include discussing a plea agreement or preparing to take the case to a jury trial. Our clients, after being informed of the nature of the charges against them, and of any available defenses, are in a position to make an informed decision regarding the direction of their criminal defens

“Justice is truth in action.” – Benjamin Disraeli

“A man who is his own lawyer has a fool for a client.” –Hunt

“Lawyers do tricks even I can’t figure out.” Harry Houdini

“I don’t want my fate to be decided by people who are not smart enough to get out of jury duty.”Unknown

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